Pro Ironman Athlete, Endurance Athlete

Since my childhood days, I’ve always been passionate about sports and specifically on an individual sport. My life had been centered on my passion and this led me to to become a professional Triathlon.

Triathlon has taught me invaluable tools, courageous, perseverance, ambition and persistence which I have applied this formula in my life. Most importantly, it has educated me about appreciating values and learning to respect for yourself and towards others which is a vital component in my life.

What motivates me every day are activities related to the rigors of Triathlon. The self management and the way of making goals to satisfy and to fulfill them is best strategy to achieve the optimal results in the competition.

I have been a professional Triathlon since 25 years old and this sport has been an integral part of my daily life. Just like anyone else who spend the time at a desk job, I spend equal or more time in my training regime. Despite any obstacles, I chose to overcome my challenges.

Today, my work is segregated in various aspects encompassing intensive training, attending the competition, recovery process and have active communication and meeting with my sponsors.

Throughout my career journey, I’ve experienced a number of challenges of which some has spread across internationally. I’m full of postive energy and open to embracing the challenges knowing that this will bring me closer to my ultimate goals.

It is a fundamental part of the process to be consistent in progressing in my sport. This motivates and gives me the determination and energy to battle on the competition field.

The day when my results via a competition demonstrates that that I don’t progress anymore, I will utilize my skills and knowledge and share with those who are passionate about Triathlon or other departments.


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