Values transposable to your company as Strategy, Challenge, Resource Management, Success ...

Share his Experience and his challenges!

Unlock your business and personal potential by discovering the secrets of a professional triathlete. Learn how to build grit, develop intrinsic motivation, and how to turn your failures into successes.


Half-Day and Full-Day workshops can be conducted about the following topics:
– The importance of positive thinking in long-term projects and how to turn thought into action
– How to build endurance and strength by identifying your limits, incorporating smart recovery methods and resilience management.
– Turn your ambition into tangible results by structuring your goals in achievable increments. Unlock your potential and reach personal heights that you thought were previously inaccessible


The covered themes are all holders of assets transferable to your business plan.

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For 2 or 3 hours



Full-day (2 x 2 or 3 hours)



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