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Personalized Coaching !

I offer personalized coaching plans for triathlons and single sports to include: SWIMMING, CYCLING, RUNNING and FITNESS. Plans can be customized to fit a specific race or for long term development. Please visit the CONTACT page for more information.

Personal Training Plan

SG$ 300

Per Month*

Currency Conversion: 200 €, 230 US$
*with 2 minimum months engagement

Personal Training Sessions !

We can work on:
. Learning Swimming
. Improving Swimming
. Open water swimming
. Fitness Workout
. Technical Running
. Long Run
. Bike Ride
. Technical bike
. Long ride
. Intensity Session
. And Other
(managing or accompanying the athlete or leading the session)

1 Pax

SG$ 120

Per Hour75 €
85 US$

2 Pax

SG$ 95

Per Hour60 €
70 US$


SG$ ...

Per Month… €
… US$

Special !

Individual Personal Training For A Day

SG$ 375

Per Day (i.e. 2 x 3 hours).Technical Swimming
.Technical Running
.Intensity Session
.Long Bike Ride
.Long Run
.Advice and Tips
.Gym Session
.Relaxation & Stretching

Consultation By Phone Or Appointment Only

SG$ 75

Per Hour (or SG$ 40/30 min.).Nutrition
.Mental Preparation
.Goal Setting
.Material selection
.Race Strategy

To Accompany In Race Day Or In Training Camp

SG$ ...

to define by events.Road Running race
.Trail Running race
.Cycling Race
.Open Water Swim race
.Triathlon Race
.Adventure Race
.Ultra Endurance Race
.Training Camps in any endurance sport

Package !

10 individual sessions of 1 hour

SG$ 1,000

For This Package (510 €, 680 US$)

CEO, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Housewife, etc…
Lets get out of your professional life.
Maintain effective physical activity.
Under the guidance and close to a professional athlete.

Personalize Package

SG$ ...

To Define

Professional in another sports such as sailing, golf, and others…
I can contribute to your physical preparation, endurance,
strength,versatility, development your shape.
A shared experiences.