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Personalized Coaching !

I offer personalized coaching plans for triathlon and single sport, including: SWIMMING, CYCLING, RUNNING and FITNESS. Plans will be customized to fit a specific race or for long term development. Please visit the CONTACT page for more information and let’s have a chat.

Personal Training Plan

SG$ 300

Per Month*

Currency Conversion: 200 €, 230 US$
*with 2 minimum months engagement

Personal Training Sessions !

We can work on:
. Learning Swimming
. Improving Swimming
. Open water swimming
. Fitness Workout
. Technical Running
. Long Run
. Bike Ride
. Technical bike
. Long ride
. Intensity Session
. And Other
(managing or accompanying the athlete or leading the session)

1 Pax

SG$ 120

Per Hour80 €
90 US$

2 Pax

SG$ 95

Per Hour60 €
70 US$


SG$ ...

Per Month… €
… US$

Special Training / Coaching !

Individual Personal Training For A Day

SG$ 400

Per Day (i.e. 2 x 2.5 hours)

.Technical Swimming
.Technical Running
.Intensity Session
.Long Bike Ride
.Long Run
.Advice and Tips
.Gym Session
.Relaxation & Stretching

Consultation By Phone Or Appointment Only

SG$ 80

Per Hour (or SG$ 50 for 30 min. call).Nutrition
.Mental Preparation
.Goal Setting
.Material selection
.Race Strategy

To Accompany In Race Day Or In Training Camp

SG$ ...

to define by events.Road Running race
.Trail Running race
.Cycling Race
.Open Water Swim race
.Triathlon Race
.Adventure Race
.Ultra Endurance Race
.Training Camps in any endurance sport

Package for Personal Trainer in Triathlon and other sports

10 individual sessions of 1 hour

SG$ 1,100

For This Package (660 €, 725 US$)

CEO, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Housewife, etc…
Lets get out of your professional life.
Maintain effective physical activity.
Under the guidance and close to a professional athlete.

Personalize Package

SG$ ...

To Define

Professional in another sports such as sailing, golf, and others…
I can contribute to your physical preparation, endurance,
strength,versatility, development your shape.
A shared experiences.